Livid woman gets own back on driver parking in her spot – only to find space is a ‘scam’

If there’s one thing that can really incense people, it’s someone parking in their space.

One woman from Australia has shared how she got really frustrated after renting a parking space, only for someone to keep parking in the spot she was paying for – because it was right near the entrance.

In a viral TikTok video, the woman named Shirley Lieu, told how she’d even put a sign up on a railing by the space, telling people it was hers and not to park there, but to no avail.

So after several more instances, Shirley decided to take matters into her own hands and block the car in the space as revenge for parking there.

However, things soon took a turn.

As shared in a video posted to her account @shirl3ylieu, she revealed that she couldn’t believe “the audacity” of the owner of the car when they sent her a text message to find out why she’d blocked the spot.

In a screenshot of the conversation, she can be seen telling them that she didn’t know why they’d parked in her spot, but she was at work and wouldn’t be able to move her car until later.

But in a massive plot twist, the other driver then claimed they were the owner of the spot – and she wasn’t renting it from them.

Shirley explained that a man named Ahn Lee had been renting her the space.

The other driver then text: “He owe me rent and he ran away.”

So it seems the young woman was being scammed out of money for the space that was never Ahn’s to rent out in the first place.

Shirley added in the comments: “He scammed my bond money for the car spot”.

More than three million people have since watched Shirley’s video, with over 201,000 liking it and thousands commenting to share their thoughts.

One person replied: “I didn’t see that plot twist coming.”

Another said: “Oh no!”

A third wrote: “Hahaha. So you’re in the wrong?!”