Mum annoyed at teacher’s ‘ridiculous’ comment about daughter having chicken pox

It’s no secret that attendance is important at school if we want our kids to be getting the best education possible.

But when children get sick, they have to have time off – it’s simple, right?!

Well, you’d think it would be, but one parent claims to have had an awkward conversation with her child’s teacher after they complained about her daughter’s time off.

Writing in an anonymous post on Mumsnet, the parent explained that her daughter has only had one week off school this year, as she had chicken pox.

The mum claims the school asked her to collect her daughter when she broke out in spots – and she followed the guidance on how long to keep her at home for.

Despite this, at parent’s evening, the teacher wasn’t impressed.

The post reads: “My daughter is never off school. Couple of months ago chicken pox going round the class and school phoned and asked I collect her and she had come out in spots and it was going around.

“She had chicken pox and was off a week, as per the guidance.

“Anyway, parents evening today and teacher says at the end she needs to improve attendance. I said she has only had a week off when the school called for me to collect and she had chicken pox. Teacher agrees and then says again she needs to improve attendance. I repeated that was the only time she had off which couldn’t be avoided.

“Am I being unreasonable to come away annoyed?”

Dozens of people responded to the mum’s post with many agreeing the attendance policy sounded “daft” and “unrealistic” and that it was unlikely the teacher’s fault.

“It’s an unrealistic political policy foisted on schools and the buck gets passed down the chain, no matter how daft it is,” one person wrote.

Another said: “God, that must have been frustrating.”

A third posted: “Utterly ridiculous situation. I expect it wasn’t the teacher’s fault and they just have to say it. That or are you sure she’s not bunking off class?”

Someone else added: “The teacher would have been given a list of children and told to tell their parents their attendance needs improving. Please don’t be annoyed at the teacher. And don’t think they’re an idiot! Attendance and punctuality has nothing to do with class teachers apart from taking the register.”