Mum gobsmacked as doctor says she’s having rare twins – a week after scan showed one baby

At six weeks pregnant, many expectant parents will head to the doctor for a check-up and might be able to hear their child’s heartbeat on an early scan if they’re lucky.

Lex Ginger, from the US, did just this at the six-week mark of her pregnancy, where doctors confirmed she was having just one baby when they carried out an ultrasound.

But a week later, the mum-to-be started experiencing terrible morning sickness, so went back to see her doctor make sure all was ok.

And to her absolute astonishment, Lex was told that she expecting twins – and not just any kind of twins, incredibly rare Monoamniotic twins or mono mono twins as they are more commonly known.

According to the NHS, these are twins that come from the same egg, which splits into two babies as the cells divide. This means that they share the same placenta (afterbirth) and that they are identical.

Lex revealed all in a viral TikTok video on her account @lex.ginger where she explained her disbelief at this news – and the clip has been viewed over 21 million times.

She said: “Put a finger down if you were six weeks pregnant and went to the OBGYN and saw that it was one baby because there’s one egg and one yolk sac and then at seven weeks you get really terrible morning sickness and then you go in for a checkup. Your husband says he wants to come with you but you tell him not to as it’s just a nausea checkup.

“But there the doctor is like might as well do a scan because you’re here and then they do the scan and they keep looking and they keep looking and they keep looking and then they look at you and they say ‘you’re having twins’ but they don’t say it in a very happy way.

“And you tell them you aren’t having twins because last week you weren’t and this week you can’t because they don’t multiply like that. And she says ‘okay, well you see here? They did’. And you say ‘Well, no’ and she says ‘yes’.”

The mum then shares how she took a closer look at the screen and noticed the two babies were very close together, so she then asked if the twins were going to be conjoined.

“She says they could be and I cry, then I try to call my husband but I didn’t have my phone and then a nurse hugged me while I was crying because it’s a lot to take in when you think you’re just having a baby and then they multiply and then they might be conjoined,” Lex continues.

“Then I got told they might not be conjoined, they could be something called mono mono twins.”

The mum admits she perked up at this as she thought it was better than having conjoined twins, but then her doctor explained that they wouldn’t know for sure for three months – and if it were mono mono twins, it would be a very dangerous pregnancy.

The doctor explained: “If they’re mono mono twins they have a 50 per cent chance of death and it’s a really terrible pregnancy. At 24 weeks you’re going to be hospitalised for two months and there’s a chance they could die at any point in the hospitalisation, but most likely you’re not even going to make it to 24 weeks.”

The expert went on to say that she’d never seen this before in her entire career and that it was only a one in 10,000 to one in 50,000 chance of it happening.

It’s fair to say Lex was very freaked out after her appointment but thankfully all worked out for the mum and her babies in the end.

Patrick, her husband, never missed an appointment again after that and her identical twin boys, Max and Miles, made it to their planned C-section date of 32 weeks.

Doctors told the parents that any longer and the little ones might not have made it as their umbilical cords were “highly tangled” in the sac.

The boys are now three years old and the mum, who has over 496,000 followers on TikTok, shares regular updates and posts about their life and parenting.